Business Management Software - Get Organized, Streamlined & Automated

Make Running Your Business Easier

Business Management Software - Get Organized, Streamlined & Automated

Make Running Your Business Easier

Business Management Software - Get Organized, Streamlined & Automated

Make Running Your Business Easier

Online software Quikflw reduces the time it takes you produce quotes, convert to Invoices, Delivery Notes and Purchase Orders, and know your Project/Job profitability.

A complete sales work flow to create and manage your sales from quotations to jobs to delivery notes to invoices.

Organize Your Processes

You need a system that is flexible enough to work the way your company operates. It needs to put information in the right place, be easy to learn and use and allows you to see at a glance what is happening.

Quikflw allows you set up your own stages/status to reflect the way you work. It also makes it easy to manage different types of operations, for example if you have more than one service (such as installation, sales, consultancy).

Skip remove process you don't need, hide and rename tools and fields so your staff don't get confused by terminology that means nothing to them.

Information entered once in the system is carried through and referenced in all the other parts - so something that has been entered on the quote will appear on the job, delivery note or invoice automatically.

Remove manual processes

Ensure Consistency

Use one product/services list so all quotes, jobs, purchase orders and invoices are consistent with each other and between different staff.

Set up PDF templates for quotes, jobs, etc., to make sure your brand is being consistently presented and that all the important information is always included (such as T&C's).

Control discounts and quotes sizes to prevent any unpleasant surprises.

See staff and client comments next to the quote or job making it easy to find out exactly what has been discussed and needs to be done.

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Instantly See What is Happening

Use the visual approach to quotes, jobs, etc. to see the statuses/stages of processes and drag-and-drop between them.

See in one place all the linked documents so you can see what is missing in a second.

Get automated emails to tell your staff what to chase and when.

Drag and drop to new dates and times

Control Your Operations, Plan Ahead & Let Staff Know

Check business workload and visually reschedule.

Send the correct information to different parties - staff, contractors and customers.

Save time by automating tasks

Save on Staff with Automation

Remove the drudgery and opportunity for errors on repetitive tasks.

Build automations that process tasks, such as completing jobs, sending documents and emailing customers, saving substantially amounts of time.

Link up and control all your processes.

Improve Quality

Quikflw makes it easy for you to:

  • Build in consistency asking for and collecting the right information.
  • Get photographs and have them in the same place as all the other relevant information.
  • Have traceability of your staffs' actions.
  • Prevent unwanted actions occurring.
  • Follow processes set down by industry your industry standards organizations.

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