Improve, Automate & Grow

Release your business from slow and unreliable processes – and start growing faster

Automate & Grow

Release your business from slow and unreliable processes – and start growing faster

Automate & Grow

Release your business from slow and unreliable processes – and start growing faster

Online software Quikflw reduces the time it takes you produce quotes, convert to Invoices, Delivery Notes and Purchase Orders, and know your Project/Job profitability.

Are Your Processes Holding you Business Back?

Quikflw's Business Management Software means you can break free from cumbersome and slow internal processes that are holding you back. Your management will no longer have to perform admin tasks - so they can spend their time on more important jobs. Free up your salespeople from tedious quote writing and chasing so they can spend their time generating more sales. And keep your customers automatically informed about their orders.

Save time by automating tasks

Let Quikflw do the Repetitive Work

It’s like adding a new member of staff – for a fraction of the cost. Quikflw's powerful and flexible software will remind clients about your quotes, let them know when you are working for them, creating and sending documentation and invoices.

It means that everything that should happen, does. It doesn’t matter if someone forgets, or is on holiday – the automation won’t forget, ensuring your clients get a reliable and quick service.

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Automated emails and responses

Speed up Your Processes

Guarantee that when customers deal with you, your responses are fast and appropriate. Use Quikflw's Quotation Software to create and send quotes in next to no time. If a client wants to accept a quote when you are out of the office, Quikflw can generate and send a confirmation, send an invoice and place a purchase order in seconds, all while you busy doing other things.

By responding in the same way each time your clients will know your provide a quality service.

A complete sales work flow to create and manage your sales from quotations to jobs to delivery notes to invoices.

Repeatable, Reliable Processes

Ensure the quality and repeatability of your processes by configuring and automating Quikflw. It is ideal for complying with ISO or other industry standards as configures to the way you need to work, providing checks and ensuring processes are run the same way each time with an audit trail for compliance.

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Remove manual processes

Reduce Reliance on Staff

Processes vary between different customers, and products/services and knowledge of them is often held by only a few staff, leaving businesses exposed when they are absent. By incorporating these rules into the system, you can release skilled members of staff for more important tasks and also reduce the risks and delays if they be absent.

It also makes it easier to take on new staff as you have formal processes in place which it is easy for them to follow.

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Build in your knowledge

Automate Tasks

Automating the system means you don't have to take on as many staff when you get busier.

Generate jobs, create and send invoices, change statuses, send update emails to clients and staff all automatically.

Link up and control all your processes.

Improve Communication with Customers

Automate your communication your clients, ensuring the system effortlessly keeps them informed of what you are doing for them - so you don’t have to remember each time.

Quikflw will automatically remind them about a quote you’ve sent they haven’t responded to or remind them of an upcoming site visit.

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Communicate seamlessly with suppliers who don't have the system

Work Closer with External Workers & Suppliers

Don’t let the fact that you use external contractors or suppliers slow the system down. Remote staff can, of course, easily access their jobs on their smartphones, but contractors and suppliers can also communicate with the system directly. Site surveys, job completion information, photographs, documents, eSignatures, and more can all be uploaded into the system and trigger the next step in the process.

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