About Quikflw


Quikflw has been developed by Fruitful Business Services Ltd (renamed to Quikflw Ltd in April 2018), based in London, UK. We started as a pure bespoke development company in 2001 creating systems for companies to make their internal processes easier and save them time.

After a while we noticed that the same requirements kept on coming up. The most requested was for quotation software, followed by management of customers, suppliers, leads, quotes, jobs (or projects), delivery notes, invoices, purchase orders and stock control.

We decided to build a system that would cover some of the common requirements. We made a very conscious decision that we wouldn't build a one-size-fits-all system, as that would end up being unwieldy and overloaded with functionality most clients wouldn't want.

Instead it would be a streamlined and simple to use system that could be learnt in seconds.

This approach has continued and we are always striving to keep the system as simple and easy to use as possible, only adding functionality that most customers will find useful and won't make the system complex to use.

Keeping it Flexible

Another factor in the design was that we knew many companies would want not to use all the system's functionality. This might be because they have existing systems in place, have processes that were too different from Quikflw's, or simply don't have those business processes (some companies don't keep stock, or issue delivery notes, for example).

So, we decided to keep the modules or tools separate but linked so you can select and pay for what you need and not more, but still have a system that links and streamlines what you need.

Your Ideas

We've built many, many internal business systems for companies and organisations of all sizes (one-person companies through to some of the biggest companies in the world), and one thing we've learned is not to second-guess how they work. That's why we are so responsive to your suggestions. We know they will help other clients and improve the system. So please keep them coming in!

Data Protection and Backups

Obviously, we treat this very seriously. Your data is stored in the United Kingdom and backed up regularly.

We are registered with the Information Commissioner's Office, Registration No.: ZA262432

We are a UK company, based in London

So, if you want to pop into our office in Aldgate, you are very welcome.

And, of course, you can phone (0207 036 3720) or email us and we will respond in UK working hours; you won't have to wait for the sun to come up on the other side of the world before you hear from us.