About Quikflw

Our Mission

Enabling companies to grow by radically improving and automating their systems

Often companies reach a certain size when their internal process can no longer keep up. They become cumbersome, prone to error and a drag on delivering new business.

We built Quikflw to break through this so that companies can continue to grow, and grow even faster.

We love seeing clients who are using Quikflw finding it freeing up management, admin, and sales staff – and growing because they have more time for the important things.


In business in since 2001, Quikflw is based in London, UK.

Originally a bespoke software development company, we now focus entirely on Quikflw.

Data Protection and Backups

Obviously, we treat this very seriously. Your data is stored in the United Kingdom and backed up regularly.

We are registered with the Information Commissioner's Office, Registration No.: ZA262432