Mobile Staff Checklist Sign-offs

No Installation Required - Just Send to their Phone or Tablet

Send Checklists, Job Information and Manage photos

Where you need your staff or sub-contractors to have the right information, complete a checklist when performing a job and then get a signature and photos, Quikflw's checklist sign-off module makes it very easy.

The checklists can be created and used for each product or service type. You can easily send a worksheet to a mobile worker and then turn the results into a certificate or assessment completion form.

Displays on any smartphone

How it Works

  • Set up your own list of questions in seconds
  • Optionally create a PDF template for the results
  • Associate a checklist/sign-off template to specific products or services
  • Generate checklists/sign-offs from products or services on a job or purchase order
  • Schedule them on the calendar
  • Email or text your checklist sign-off and get an acknowledgement from the member of staff or sub-contractor
  • Track the statuses of the sign-offs

Images can be added directly to a sign-off

Add Photos

Make sure photos are added to the checklist/sign-off by your staff/sub-contractor

Photos are automatically sized so can be added from a smartphone

Turn Responses into Documents (Certificates, Assessments, etc.)

Information gathered on the sign-off will be automatically converted to a PDF document

Create certificates, assessments, H&S Checklist - the system will automatically add the information from the sign-off

Clients can download the document or you can send from the system


14 Day Free Trial

The trial gives you unrestricted functionality so you can quickly add, customise and send documents to your clients in seconds.

No credit card details required.

You can change your plan after you have registered.


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