Customisable Internal Business Systems

If you like the system but it doesn’t have all the functionality you want, you can purchase a core licence, then customise the system as you require. The system can also be installed on your server, giving you more scope over what can be done.

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Buy Just What You Need

Where it differs from most ERP systems is that modules can be purchased and installed separately – so if you just want a module for an area of your business, you don’t have to buy the whole system.

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Designed for Customisation

Each module is designed to be easy to customise. Rather than incorporate masses of functionality that won’t be used, Quikflw has core functionality out-of-the box, but is then very easy to customise to the way you want it to work.

So if you have an area in your organisation that works in a way that will not fit an off-the-shelf package – one of the customised Quikflw modules will be able to do the job.

We are based in the UK so you can meet the development team who will work on your system.

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Arrange a demo.Now

Call us now to discuss what you are looking for from your new system.

You can have an online demo.and we are also very happy to provide a free consultation – ideally at your location so we can really get a feel for the way you work.

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