Easy-to-Use Quotation Software

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Easy-to-use Quotation software.

Create Quotes in Seconds

Take the hassle out of selling with easy-to-use quotation software. Quikflw is built so that every step you take is quick and easily done.

All your products, services, customers and previous quotes are in the same place, at your fingertips.

Create one-page quotes or build multi-page documents including a cover page, images, product specifications and more.

Remove delays by sending directly from the quotation software and letting your customers digitally sign.

Replace Manual Quoting

Copying and pasting into Excel or Word documents is a manual process that can be error prone. The quotes files have to be saved somewhere you can find them again.

It's very difficult to report or track your quotes when they are spread across different directories.

You also run the risk that your team are not using the latest information and the correct branding.

Access your Quotes from Anywhere

Quikflw is a cloud-based quotation software system so you can access your quotes wherever you or your team are: at home, at a client's or on the road. Quikflw allows you to create and manage your quotes just as if you were in the office.

It also allows you can to track what’s been quoted and when so you know what is going on and what is in your pipeline, all the time.

Winning Quotes

Win the sale with attractive and informative quotes. More than just quote software, it can create:

  • Covering letters
  • Cover sheets with images and details of the quote or proposal
  • Summaries, showing just headline figures for sections
  • Product specification sheets with additional details and larger images
  • Order confirmations
  • Contracts

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Quotation software that allows you to split your quote into sections

Split your Quotes into Sections

If you need to split your quote by sections, for example by room, product /service type, different sites or properties, or give an optional list that is not included in the total price, Quikflw is the quotation software to deliver it.

You can add as many sections as you want, copy, re-order and exclude them from your quote total.

If you want to create purchase orders from the quote Quikflw gives you the option of replicating the sections on the purchase orders (for each supplier) or summing all the items together. This has been very useful for our clients who need deliveries to different sites.

Quote software providing alternative and associated product management

Make it Easy to find Alternative and Associated Products or Services

If you want to reminder of what you can swap, or add to, products and services you are selling, you can do it.

The quote tool helps your staff with less product knowledge to produce the best quotes for your clients.

Quotation software that generates multiple product images effortlessly.

Add Multiple Product Images & Extra Details

Build impressive documents with multiple product and service images. Just drop a product or service onto the quote and the images will be automatically added.

Include extensive extra details automatically to create informative quotes.

Associate data files against products and services and these can be merged into your final quote document or sent as attachments.

Quote software providing kits of products and services management

Use Kits of Products /Services

Create and manage kits so you don't forget any products or services. Kits can be collections of products, services (like labour) or a mixture of both.

Drop them into your quotes with just one click.

Set up kits to hide items you must remember but you don't want your clients distracted by.

Quotation software that allows you to mix reucrring charges, such as support and maintenance with one-off purchase

Easily Include Maintenance & Support

The quotation software allows you to separate the products and services on a quote from the recurring price items, such as support or maintenance. These recurring charges can also be excluded from the quote's total price.

Add and send documents to your clients from Quikflw quote software

Add and Create Documents

Attach documents, such as drawings or specifications, to a product or service. When you add the product / service to the quote these documents are automatically added as well, ready to send to your client.

Use the system to automatically create your quote related documents such as specifications, certificates, covering letters or statements of work.

Allow your customers to change their quote with Quikflw quotation software

Make it Easy for your Client

You can, optionally, let your clients choose one or more options on an online page just for them and adjust the quantities or delete from the quote before accepting.

You have complete control; prevent items being deleted or changed.

Clients can also see pop-ups of the items one or more images.

Quotation software that includes digital document signing

Confirm the Order with Digital Signing

Your customers can digitally sign your quote to place their order. They will automatically receive a confirmation from the system.

It means your customers will be able to buy from you in seconds without having to pick up the phone or send an email.

Generate invoices at the click of button from the quote, using the optional invoices tool.

Speed up the process by taking payment from your quote software

Take a Deposit Payment

Your clients can pay their deposits immediately from the quote using their credit or debit card.

The quote software integrates directly with Stripe's payment system to take payments from your clients and customers directly from the link sent with your quotation.

You can set the amount your clients' pay which can be a fixed amount or percentage of the total.

Stripe pays the money directly into your bank account.

Quote software that gives a fine level of user access management

Calculate Your Profit

As you add products or services to your quote the system will automatically calculate your expected profit.

You can add your costs as purchases or labour.

The system also allows you to hide items on the quote from the client. This gives you a great deal of flexibility in adding and calculating your costs that your client won't see.

Quote software that gives a fine level of user access management

Manage User Access

The user management in the quotation software allows you prevent selected users from viewing, editing or deleting quotes.

It is also easy to stop them from downloading information from the system or editing product details.

Team management allows you to split your users into teams and prevent access to each other's quotes. You can also set up access to prevent users from seeing quotes belonging to their managers.

Flexible quotation software that allows you to add your own specific fields to your quotes

Add Your Own Data Fields

If you need some specific text entry for quotes or products that Quikflw doesn't already have, you can add as many as you like.

For products you can add items such as colour or finish or anything specific to your business. These appear as text boxes on the quote data entry and can be pulled through to the quote you send to your client

For quotes you can add items such as the drawing reference or an overall project reference. You can have as many as you want. These can be used to group quotes in a search and also appear on the quotes you send to your clients.

Convert Quotes into Invoices

At the click of a button create a pro forma or normal invoice from your quote and email direct from Quikflw to your client.

The quote software can accept card payment on the invoice to quickly finalise the sale.

See all the invoices associated with a quote and client.

Create Purchase Orders from the Quotes

With two clicks create purchase orders for multiple suppliers from one quote and send these directly from Quikflw.

Easily track outstanding items and the status of your purchase orders.

See all the purchase orders associated with a quote, client and supplier.

Quotation software with a built-in pipeline tool

Track Your Sales Leads

Manage and view your leads on the easy-to-use pipeline screen.

Drag and drop leads across stages in the lead life-cycle.

Track each contact you or your team make with your clients and know when to call them again.

Automate and Sync to Other Leading Cloud Systems

Import your clients, suppliers and products into Quikflw quotation software. Send your supplier and sales invoices into QuickBooks.
Import your clients, suppliers and products into Quikflw quotation software. Send your supplier and sales invoices into Xero.
Import your clients and contacts from Salesforce into Quikflw quotation software.
Import your clients and contacts from Hubspot into Quikflw quote software
Import your clients and contacts from Zoho into Quikflw quote software.
Import your clients and contacts from Infusionsoft into Quikflw quote software
Import your clients and contacts from Insightly into Quikflw quote software
Take payments from your customers directly into Quikflw quote software

How it's worked for others....

Totally loving the tool, it has really streamlined my quoting process and allows me to track where I am with all my projects and customers at a glance.

Andrew Aguilar, Managing Director, Ashland Engineering

Quikflw has given me back my evenings, it really does do what it says on the box. Very easy to use and the team are very helpful. So glad I have this tool.

Alison Manning, South Coast Camper Conversions Ltd

We would recommend this solution to other organisations looking to streamline their quote handling process.

Matthew Conquer, Global Operations Director, Bluekong Networks Limited

I am very pleased that we found Quikflw and would certainly recommend it.

Mark Barber, Director, ITM Communications Ltd

Before finding Quikflw we were spending 80% of our working day filling out manual Quotes for Customers, but it has automated our quotation process and reduced our work burden.

Matt Hasler, Marketing Manager, Almath Crucible Ltd


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