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Working with Xero

You can import clients, suppliers and products into Quickflw and push your sales invoices, purchase orders and supplier invoices into Xero.

Getting Started - Connecting


The connection to Xero will only last 30 minutes at which point you will need to reconnect. To set up the connection:

  • Select the cog at the top right
  • Click on Integration Settings
  • Next to the Xero icon click on the connect button
  • A pop-up screen will appear - put in your Xero username and password then click 'Login'
  • At the next screen select the organisation to login to. You may have a 'demo.Company' in Xero you can play with. If you want to experiment with the connection then select this one, otherwise select your organisation.
Connect to Xero to export from Quikflw
  • Click on 'Allow access for 30 mins'
  • You are then taken back to the integrations screen where the button 'Revoke' is now shown next to the Xero icon.
  • If this button is not visible you have not connected (or been disconnected).

Exporting Sales Invoices

Invoices will only exported if their statuses are Approved, Sent or Paid.

You can export invoices in bulk or individually. When they are exported they are marked with their export date and will not be re-exported unless you reset this date. On the image below you can see where the date is listed.

View invoices

Bulk Export

  • Go to the invoices list screen
  • Click on 'Export'
  • Select 'Xero API Export'. If this is not visible you may have timed out and will need to re-connect to Xero (see above).
Bulk export of invoices to Xero

Use the filters at the top to select the month or a custom range of dates. Check that the account codes per line the one you want to use. If they are not, go back to the invoice and adjust each line item (if you can't see the account code column on the invoice screen use the show / hide link at the bottom to show it).

Click on 'Xero Export' to complete the export. The invoices will be put into 'Draft' in Xero so you will need to approve them.

Exporting Individual Invoices

  • Open the invoice to export
  • Click on 'Show links to....'

  • Click on the 'Export to Xero' button. If there is no button you will need to reconnect to Xero and come back to the invoice.
  • The invoice is exported to Xero into Draft invoices and the exported date in Quikflw is set

Exporting Purchase Orders (POs)

When you have exported a PO to Xero its exported date will be entered and you cannot re-export it unless you reset the date.

A PO can have any status and still be exported to Xero. There is no bulk export of PO's to Xero, just individual exports.

You can see what PO's have been exported in the Purchase Orders list screen but looking at the exported date column. If there is a date, it has been exported.

View Purchase Orders

To export a PO, edit the PO and click on the 'Show links to...'

  • Click on the 'Export to Xero' button. If there is no button you will need to reconnect to Xero and come back to the PO
  • The PO is exported to Xero into Draft Purchase Orders and the exported date in Quikflw is set