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Set-up Your Own Statuses

Quikflw allows you to rename, re-order, add and hide the statuses for all the modules. This means the system works the way you want, mapping closely to your processes. This makes Quikflw really easy for your staff to use and understand.

If you want Quikflw to use your preferred statuses, for example if you want to use:

  • 'Survey Due' instead of 'Draft'
  • You don't want to 'Commenced'
  • You want to add-in 'Part Paid'

For example if you perform site surveys you could set it to this:

Quikflw makes it easy for you to map your processes

You can change these in the settings page for each module – i.e. in the Quotations Settings or Job Settings pages that is accessible from the cog in the top right of the screen.

There is a pool of available statuses for each module with plenty spare that you can add to your visible list. Similarly, you can hide the ones you don’t want.

You can set whether the details on a quote or jobs etc. are editable when the quote etc. is in this status.

You need to have default status – this is the status that new quotes or jobs etc. are set to when new. If you don’t want to it be ‘Draft’ change the name of draft.

Quikflw is easy to configure to the way you need to work