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Setting up Multiple Price Lists

Quikflw allows you to have two or more prices lists for your products and services. Once set up, you can select the one you want to use for a quote. Items that are added to the quote will use the price from the select list. You can also set a default list on a customer by customer basis.

Setting up the List(s)


  • The cog in the top right-hand corner
  • Business Settings
  • Price Lists

Click ‘Add Price List’ and enter the name, description and currency.

The name and description can be whatever you want them to be but you will need to select a currency from the dropdown list.

Making it the Default for your Company

To set it for your company, so all new quotes will use the price list, select:

  • The cog in the top right-hand corner
  • Business Settings
  • Business Information
  • Select the price list from the dropdown at the bottom

Making it the Default for a Client

Open the Company or Contact (if the client is not a company) and set the ‘Default Price List’ dropdown to the right of the screen and save the changes. New quotes or jobs for this client will default to this price list.

Adding Prices (one-by-one)

Open the Item (the product or service) you want to add to a price list.

Add your default prices here:

If you want to run more than one price list, click on:

You will now see the ‘Addition Prices & Costs’ tab where you can add each additional price. Set the breakpoint to 0 so the price is applied for all quantities greater than 0.

Adding Prices (Bulk Import)

1 – Set up the items to be multi-price

If you already have items in the system, you can export them all to Excel (Items screen ->Export -> Export Items’. Edit the file and change the items in column ‘UsePriceBreaks’ to ‘True’.

Next re-import this file (Items Screen ->Import -> Import Items & Kits) and follow the instructions in the ‘Import Items’ section.

2- Upload the multiple prices

Download the template document from (Items Screen ->Import ->Import Prices/Costs Lists).

  • Item Code – this is the product / service code
  • PriceList – the name of the price list
  • Price
  • Breakpoint – the quantity the price is applied from – i.e. if it is 0 it will be used on all the price unless another one is used (i.e. if there is a 10 breakpoint that price will be used where the quantity is greater than 10.

When the file is ready, go to: (Items Screen ->Import ->Import Prices/Costs Lists) and follow the instructions on the Import Item Prices Breaks section.