Sample PDF Templates

Creating Quikflw Word Docx Templates

Quikflw uses your uploaded Word Docx template to generate a PDF document. These templates help automate this process and make templates reusable for multiple clients, quotations, invoices, etc; with in-line tags being replaced with text relevant to the assigned tag.

Tags, such as {BusinessName}, {QuotationNumber}, will be automatically replaced with the correct text when generating your document.

Your business logo will be added where the tag {BusinessLogo} is placed.

The complete list of tags can be found on the Quikflw website.

More information about tags can be found on Page 3.

Each section of the document items will be generated from this sample table. The sample section needs to be a single table which contains either section information or item information. Only one sample section table is required.

More information about sections can be found on Page 4.

This table displays to totals of the whole document. If your document only contains one section, this totals table will automatically be removed.

More information about the totals table can be found on Page 6.