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How Line Item Images are Positioned & Scaled

When generating the PDF document, line item images are placed using the tag {ItemImage}. When the image is placed the image is resized to fit inside the table cell width. For the best results, create a table cell which has the same width and height.

For uploaded images that are tall (images with heights larger than their widths) will be resized to have the height match the column width.

For uploaded images that are wide (images with widths larger than their heights), will be resized to have the width match the column width.

Images not sized correctly

As the system uses the width of the table column its important that they are fixed width.

Make sure this box is ticked for each column. To get to this box, right mouse click on the table in Word, select 'Table Properties' and then the 'Column' tab. Move through each column checking they are fixed width.

Save the Word template and load back into Quikflw.


For the best results we recommend using JPEG image formats instead of PNG.

During the PDF generation process PNG images are compressed and this process results in artefacts and image errors.

Word or PDF?

If you template uses lots of images or graphics and doesn't have repeating product or services line the best results are from PDF templates.