Sample PDF Templates

Specification Table

Specification tables are a easy way to showcase or list all the items or products in your document.

To create a specification table, create a normal section table and place the tags {SectionSpecification} or {Specification}. Using one of these tags will only copy over the unique items determined by the item codes set.

This means if two or more items share the same product code, only the first item in the list will appear.

The {SectionSpecification} tag will produce a copy of the table for each section in the document. With this tag only the unique items in the section will be appear.

The {Specification} tag will produce a single copy of the table. With this tag the unique items in the whole document will appear in the table.

When creating a specification table, none of the quantity or pricing information tags, such as {ItemQty}, {ItemTotal}, etc, can be used and this information will not be copied over. The same formatting used in the sample section table can be used on a specification table.

Comments do not appear in specifications.

Adding the tag {OnlyWithProductCodes} with only display line items with product codes.