List of fonts supported by Quikflw

Here is the complete list of fonts supported by Quikflw that can appear on the PDF generated. If the font you use is not supported the default font used will be Calibri.

Aharoni Bold Andalus Angsana New Angsana New Bold Angsana New Bold Italic Angsana New Italic AngsanaUPC AngsanaUPC Bold AngsanaUPC Bold Italic AngsanaUPC Italic Arabic Typesetting Arial Arial Black Arial Bold Arial Bold Italic Arial Italic Batang BatangChe Browallia New Browallia New Bold Browallia New Bold Italic Browallia New Italic BrowalliaUPC BrowalliaUPC Bold BrowalliaUPC Bold Italic BrowalliaUPC Italic Calibri Calibri Bold Calibri Bold Italic Calibri Italic Cambria Cambria Bold Cambria Bold Italic Cambria Italic Cambria Math Candara Candara Bold Candara Bold Italic Candara Italic Comic Sans MS Comic Sans MS Bold Consolas Consolas Bold Consolas Bold Italic Consolas Italic Constantia Constantia Bold Constantia Bold Italic Constantia Italic Corbel Corbel Bold Corbel Bold Italic Corbel Italic
Cordia New Cordia New Bold Cordia New Bold Italic Cordia New Italic CordiaUPC CordiaUPC Bold CordiaUPC Bold Italic CordiaUPC Italic Courier New Courier New Bold Courier New Bold Italic Courier New Italic DaunPenh David David Bold DFKai-SB DilleniaUPC DilleniaUPC Bold DilleniaUPC Bold Italic DilleniaUPC Italic DokChampa Dotum DotumChe Estrangelo Edessa EucrosiaUPC EucrosiaUPC Bold EucrosiaUPC Bold Italic EucrosiaUPC Italic Euphemia FangSong Franklin Gothic Medium Franklin Gothic Medium Italic FrankRuehl FreesiaUPC FreesiaUPC Bold FreesiaUPC Bold Italic FreesiaUPC Italic Gautami Georgia Georgia Bold Georgia Bold Italic Georgia Italic Gisha Gisha Bold Gulim GulimChe Gungsuh GungsuhChe Impact IrisUPC IrisUPC Bold IrisUPC Bold Italic IrisUPC Italic
Iskoola Pota JasmineUPC JasmineUPC Bold JasmineUPC Bold Italic JasmineUPC Italic KaiTi Kalinga Kartika KodchiangUPC KodchiangUPC Bold KodchiangUPC Bold Italic KodchiangUPC Italic Latha Leelawadee Leelawadee Bold Levenim MT Levenim MT Bold LilyUPC LilyUPC Bold LilyUPC Bold Italic LilyUPC Italic Lucida Console Lucida Sans Unicode Malgun Gothic Malgun Gothic Bold Mangal Marlett Meiryo Meiryo Bold Meiryo Bold Italic Meiryo Italic Microsoft Himalaya Microsoft JhengHei Microsoft JhengHei Bold Microsoft Sans Serif Microsoft Uighur Microsoft YaHei Microsoft YaHei Bold Microsoft Yi Baiti MingLiU MingLiU_HKSCS MingLiU_HKSCS-ExtB MingLiU-ExtB Miriam Miriam Fixed Mongolian Baiti MoolBoran MS Gothic MS PGothic MS UI Gothic MV Boli Narkisim NSimSun
Nyala Palatino Linotype Palatino Linotype Bold Palatino Linotype Bold Italic Palatino Linotype Italic Plantagenet Cherokee PMingLiU PMingLiU-ExtB Raavi Rod Segoe Print Segoe Print Bold Segoe Script Segoe Script Bold Segoe UI Segoe UI Bold Segoe UI Bold Italic Segoe UI Italic Shruti SimHei Simplified Arabic Simplified Arabic Bold Simplified Arabic Fixed SimSun SimSun-ExtB Sylfaen Symbol Tahoma Tahoma Bold Times New Roman Times New Roman Bold Times New Roman Bold Italic Times New Roman Italic Traditional Arabic Traditional Arabic Bold Trebuchet MS Trebuchet MS Bold Trebuchet MS Bold Italic Trebuchet MS Italic Tunga Verdana Verdana Bold Verdana Bold Italic Verdana Italic Vrinda Webdings Wingdings