Sample PDF Templates


Quikflw uses Word and PDF documents to allow you to create and manage your own templates. Unfortunately, some functionality in Word cannot be replicated in Quikflw, and some errors occur when loading that are not apparent when you create your template in Word.

  • Don’t copy an image directly from another document to the new one. Save it to disk and insert it
  • Don't use drawing objects. Instead save it as an image and re-import that and replace the drawing object
  • Be sparing on how much detail you put in the document's footer or header. Large amount of content can cause issues
  • Image positioning; basic positions such as behind text or at the bottom of a page works, but others, such as tight around text will not. Usually the failure to recognise the formatting will result in the image missing rather than the template failing to load
  • Don't use some special characters. This includes soft carriage returns (where the enter key is pressed when the shift key is held down) and indents. These will cause the import of the template to fail. You can check if you have any by clicking on show / hide formatting button in Word (see below):

  1. Make a copy and work with this
  2. Check for special characters and remove them. Save and retry
  3. Check for drawing objects and remove any if present. Save and retry
  4. Remove images. Save and retry
  5. Continue deleting content until the document imports. The last item deleted was probably the one causing the issue
  6. Remove the offending item from the original template and import into Quikflw

See the help page on image management.

This is because Quiklflw checks through all the text for tags to change to values in your quote or invoice, etc. This occurs with Word documents with a large quantity of text, so convert the document to a PDF and where you need tags to be added, use Editable Controls (we are happy to help you with this).

If your document is a mixture of extensive text and repeating items (such as products or services), split them into a Word Document for the products /services and one or more PDFs for the large quantity of text and add both templates to the quote /invoice/ etc. preview.

This usually happens when there unexpected formatting characters in the item's fields (such as the product code, description or extended description). Frequently, this occurs when text has been copied and pasted over from a Word document.

To fix this

  • Copy the text from the problem item and paste into something like Windows Notepad (which does not support any formatting apart from carriage return).
  • Copy the text now in Notepad. It is important you copy this text and not the text from Quikflw.
  • Paste it back into Quikflw
  • Save the change
  • Try the preview again
  • Open the template in Word
  • Go to the Home tab
  • Select 'Paragraph'
  • Select the 'Line and Page Breaks' tab
  • Tick with 'Keep with next'
  • Click OK
  • Save and upload the template to Quikflw