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BlueKong Networks is an International technical engineering services provider; an agile, customer-focused provider of end-to-end next generation IT and Network services.

The company offers a worldwide reach of accredited and experienced professional services with in country technicians that save travel costs, headcount, prevent multiple partner outsourcing and reduces risk of infrastructure penalties.

Their model is to enhance, extended coverage reach, improve performance and ensure continuity- "offering an extended global arm of on the ground technicians, quickly and cost effectively". with over 200 technical engineers across the globe, Bluekong is the perfect partner to support your onsite needs."

ITM Communications Limited is a leading provider of ICT infrastructure solutions and services provided throughout the UK and Europe. They offer capabilities in Structured Cabling & Wireless, Data Centre Infrastructure, Off-Site Build & Test, iP Convergence and Managed Services.

ITM needed a system that would improve the communication with their clients, as well as helping them to measure performance.

ITM had researched extensively to find a software package that would meet these requirements, but due to its specialised nature, none was available. The next option was to find a software tool that could be customised to do the job. ITM made contact with Quikflw to look at our Quikflw modules. One of these fitted the bill and performed 60% of the functionality out-of-the-box, with the rest to be added as customisations.

As the Quikflw modules are designed to be customised it meant that this customisation could be done easily and fulfil all of ITM’s requirements.

Quikflw provided an in-depth specification of the new system, and unlike many software companies, a fixed price for implementing it. ITM were impressed with the Quikflw team's experience of these types of systems, and how the SNAP-Quotes system could be customised to work exactly the way they wanted.

The system was customised over several months, then tested and trialled before going live in December 2015.

Fast UK Parcel Ltd is a fast growing company that provides a comprehensive Nationwide Parcel Delivery Service. They offer a friendly & efficient service, giving exceptional value for money. They can provide a variety of affordable delivery solutions, logistical & road haulage services. They have a large fleet of vehicles to meet every customer’s needs.

Fast UK Parcel has experienced rapid growth, setting up numerous Depots in a very short period of time. However, the multiple Excel spreadsheets that were used to manage the drivers’ Remittance Advice, Payments and Vehicles were becoming very time-consuming to use. They were run from each Depot and this made Central Management and Reporting very time-consuming. As a result it reduced the company’s potential to expand. Quikflw was approached to provide a solution to this issue. Quikflw provided three options, of varying levels of sophistication and investment. Fast UK Parcel selected the one that would give it the most scalable and flexible solution.

Working with Fast UK Parcel, the Quikflw team developed the new Solution that streamlined their Driver Payments Process and made it far easier to calculate and manage.

Timesheets are now generated by the System for each Depot and Driver. Each one needs to be completed and approved before the System will produce the Remittance Advice.

The same was done with Vehicle Management. Additional functionality has been added since the initial phase and the System is now core to Company Operations.

By having one easy to use, unified System, Fast UK can add new Depots and Drivers without increasing its Administrative burden.

Almath Crucibles Ltd make high temperature laboratory Crucibles and Tubes from Alumina and Zirconia. They export worldwide from their stock direct to customers, as well as making one off specials as per customer requirements. They also supply Boron Nitride, PBN, Graphite and Quartz. They are known for their quality manufacturing and short lead and delivery times.

Almath required a Quotation System to be customised to work exactly the way they wanted. Rather than the traditional model of a company just using it to generate, send and manage their quotations, it had to be more ‘self-service’ orientated. This meant that their customers would have access to the Almath System and be able to access Almath products at their prices (while not seeing those for other Customers). Customers needed to be able to store and retrieve their Quotations as well as convert them into Order Requests at the click of a button.

Reporting across all Customers Quotations and Orders was also required.

UK Nationwide and their sister companies provide a new experience in property maintenance, managing the process for homeowners, landlords and corporate clients. By using their expertise and systems they manage projects and issues far more efficiently than non-specialists

Originally they had an MS Access database that had evolved over time. When they first contacted Quikflw it was for Quikflw to update and maintain this system. It was used to list properties, suppliers, jobs done and calls made by customers. It then created quotations and invoices and allowed management to keep track of all of this.

However, the company has been expanding and needed to replace this old system with something that was more resilient, could have many users and also be used outside of the office. They also wanted to make the system easier to use so that new staff could pick it up quickly, rather than requiring substantial amounts of training and support.

After discussing the requirements, Quikflw recommended an online database solution. Additionally, rather than do all the work in one hit it was also agreed to split the work into two phases, to reduce the initial management time and funding required.

Working closely with the client and the developer who updated the old Access database the Quikflw development team implemented a solution that fulfilled UK Nationwide’s requirements. This was done using ASP.NET and MS SQL. The system was built in a short time frame, the original data was uploaded and UK Nationwide have been seeing the benefits of the new system. The simple and intuitive interface has made it easy for new staff to start contributing quickly to the company. Additionally the system can be used outside of the office and its robustness has reduced system downtimes.

Forza Foods Ltd are a cooked meat manufacturer who spent the last five years producing Asda’s own label cooked meat and bacon products. Following the success of their joint venture, Asda acquired the company in January 2016.

Forza needed a system that would give its staff a simple visual representation of their products, suppliers and countries of origin, down to individual slaughter sites. The representation had to include the relationships and flow of product, and allow the user to control how much information they see. Additionally, documents had to be stored against individual suppliers.

Quikflw had already worked with Forza on other projects so was asked to assist. Based on the rough requirements Quikflw produced a detailed quotation that showed and demo.strated the graphical representation, detailed the functionality and gave a fixed price.

As soon as Forza had approved the project, Quikflw spent time confirming the flow and structure of the data and then developing the prototype screens. This required a close working relationship with the Forza team to ensure they got what they needed.

For the interface, the design was developed to make sure that there was no ‘information overload’. This was done by allowing the users to hide and show certain data groups, at the click of a button. Once the interface was signed off Quikflw completed the remaining functionality and put it on one of their servers for Forza to test.

The solution was tested, signed off and installed on one of Forza’s servers.

The system is now used every day to help Forza and its customers see the necessary detail regarding their products, all the way through the supply chain.

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