Onsite to 'Quote Sent' in Seconds

Remove the delays in sending onsite quotes - and save your staff valuable time

Does it take too long to send a quote after the site visit?

Are site photos difficult to find and manage?

Do you have to type in details that have been written down already?

Is it sometimes a struggle getting information from the site visit?

Quikflw solves all these problems:

Your onsite team can start the quote on their smartphones and directly add their notes and photos to the system.

The onsite user can type in or use voice-to-text functionality to convert their spoken words to text directly in their quote, saving valuable time.

If they prefer, they can also update the quote later on their home or office computer.

Flexible and attractive quote and proposal templates

Use Site Photos

Take photos on a phone and upload them directly to a quote, with larger photos automatically resized by the system in a seamless process.

Photos can be associated with each section of work (such as a room) when on site so you don’t need to scrabble around in the office for the correct images.

Speed up your quote process by automation

Office Control

In the office you can immediately see the quote created by the site visitor.

You can then add or check the prices, double check any other details and email directly, cutting the time between the site visit and sending the quote to just minutes.

See when clients have opened your quotes and proposals.

No Installation Needed

No installation is required on your smartphones – ideal if you use sub-contractors where you ask them to install your app on their phones.

And it doesn’t matter whether they are using Apple, Android or Window – they only need to be using a modern smartphone.

Cost Effective – Only Pay for the Quotes Tool for your Mobile Workforce

Unlike other mobile workforce software, you do not have to pay for bundled functionality you don’t want, like bar code scanning, tracking or scheduling, which will push up the price per user.

With Quikflw you can just pay for the quotes module and save massive amounts of time and speed up your quotation process.


14 Day Free Trial

The trial gives you unrestricted functionality so you can quickly test Quikflw's mobile quoting functionaliy.

No credit card details required.

You can change your plan after you have registered.


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