Unblock Your Sales Pipeline with Quotation Software

Quikflw is fully customizable quotation software that produces and sends quotes in seconds, and reminds you to follow up. Optionally working with Quikflw’s powerful tools (CRM, Invoices, Purchase Orders, etc.) it’s the solution to better organise and speed up your processes. Create unlimited numbers of appealing quotes, in any currency, with any taxes, in no time.

Unblock Your Sales Pipeline with Quotation Software

Quikflw speeds up and simplifies your quoting. It makes it easy for staff who previously struggled to quote, removing the burden from your more skilled staff, and speeds up the production of the quotes.

Unblock Your Quotations

Quikflw speeds up and simplifies your quoting. It makes it easy for staff who previously struggled to quote, removing the burden from your more skilled staff, and speeds up the production of the quotes.

Flexible and attractive quote and proposal templates

Professional Results

Deliver professional quotes and proposals and beat your competition.

Add your branding and logos to the highly configurable quotation templates. Include product/service and other images easily. Add front covers and additional information sheets to make the best possible impression on your customers.

Speed up your quote process by automation

Quote and Proposal Automation

Automate your sales process and quickly create beautiful quotes and proposals with easy-to-use quoting software.

Select one or more reusable template from template library. Add products or services from your price list and customers from the CRM. Send directly to your customers with auto-generated email content.

See when clients have opened your quotes and proposals.

Track Your Quotes & Proposals

See when clients have opened your email so you can quickly follow up.

View your quotes and proposals by whether they have sent, approved or declined and by date and salesperson. Search quotes and proposals by client, number and project.

Instantaneous Quotes and Sales

If you need to visit client sites to start a quote, Quikflw allows office staff to see onsite quotes and photos immediately and complete the quote.

Quikflw automatically pulls together all the product details you need onto the quote. This allows you to send them directly from the system so your client can approve the job and you can get on with it. Hours of delay are transformed to virtually instantaneous quotes and sales.

Don’t Lose Sales by Forgetting to Chase Quotes

All your quotes will be in the same place, in the cloud, and Quikflw’s screens make it easy for you to see what quotes need to be chased up.

You can also set up automatic emails to your inbox every morning letting you know which quotations need chasing that day (when you subscribe to the automation module).

Create Quotes Onsite

If you need your staff to take photos, record details and even send a quote when they are onsite at a client’s Quikflw makes it easy. If you prefer for your office staff to check, complete and send quotes Quikflw takes all the hassle from the process. Stop typing into the office system from paper copies, or scrabbling around trying to find the correct photo for each location then manually adding to the quote.

Quikflw has been designed and developed to be mobile friendly.

No installation is required on your smartphone – ideal if you use sub-contractors where you can’t ask them to install your app on their phones. And it doesn’t matter whether they are using Apple, Android or Windows – they only need to be using a modern smartphone.

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Make it easy for your clients to work with you.

Better Customer Experience

Allow your customers to edit and accept your offer without them having to pick up the phone. Automatically provide all the proposal information they need with an auto-generated online page.

Shorten the sales cycle by allowing clients to complete the sale quickly

e-Signatures & Online Payment

Close the deal faster when clients e-sign the agreement and optionally make an immediate credit card payment. Get notifications when your client has signed and paid.

Avoid double typing by creating invoices at the click of a button and sending to your clients.

Auto-Generate Invoices

Auto-generate and send an invoice from a quote. See when they have been opened and effortlessly export to your accounting software.

Integrate with Your Other Systems

Pull in and synchronise customers and prospects from your CRM. Update opportunities in your CRM when a quote status’ changes.

Push invoices to your accounting software. Create a quote based on data imported from another system. Export quote details so you can import them into other systems.

Track Who is Quoting – And How Profitably

Use the leaderboard to monitor your sales people

Know what profit you are making, by sales person, and by customer

Configure the dashboard to show what you want to track

See how profitable your quotes are and who is winning the most quotes

How Easy is it to Use?

14 Day Free Trial

14 days free trial

Get 14 days access completely FREE, no commitment, to all tools when you sign up.

CRM, Quotes, Jobs, Delivery Notes, Purchase Orders & Invoices


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